Finally got it started

I packed 2 lunches this morning and made breakfast as usual.  After walking Robert to school, I finished getting ready for work and headed to formation.  After formation, I had intended on practicing for a little while but that didn’t happen.  Such is life in the Admin office.  I got paperwork together.  I did e-mails.  I updated the NCO Evaluation Report rating scheme.  And then it was lunchtime.  I enjoyed my tuna with salsa (& spinach & swiss) sandwich and carrots dipped in ranch dressing.  And then I stitched.  I finished the little project I was working on.  After lunch I made a quick trip to bring some paperwork up to my higher ups and then I finally got started on my project that I’ve been meaning to work on since Thursday.  Of course, I had to stop as I had a doctor appointment.  The appointment went well – it was to try and figure out why I’ve been so tired and not had much energy lately.  She ordered some labs for me, but part of the problem was my blood pressure.  It’s borderline high and high blood pressure can cause lack of energy.  It could still be other things as well, and that’s what the labs are going to be for.  They’ll test iron levels, thyroid, and for diabetes among other things.  I love my family – thanks for the great genes.  LOL!!  She told me to look at the DASH Diet (Google it if you’re interested), but basically I just need to watch my salt/sodium intake and see if that helps.  Yay.  At least I have an idea of what may the cause (or part of the cause) of my lack of energy and general "blah"ness lately.  After my appointment was done, I headed back to my office but was unable to do anymore work as the computer network was down.  So I went home.  But I stopped by the gym on my way home to register for the Thunder Mountain 10K on 27 Mar – yes, just 6 days after the Bataan Memorial Death March.  I picked Robert up on my way home.  Ryan made mac & cheese and pigs in a blanket (Pigs ‘N Cheese) for dinner.  Then we all headed out.  Ryan dropped Robert and I off at the place where Community Band rehearses and he headed to school to rehearse with his group for his drama class midterm.  Robert was very well behaved during rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well – only 4 more until our concert.  One of the other girls in the band gave us a ride home as Ryan wasn’t done yet, but we got here and I realized I didn’t have any keys.  I ended up breaking into the house through our bedroom window that I remembered wasn’t locked – but I did have to take the screen out to get in.  At least I was able to get in since it was chilly and drizzly out.  Robert got to have a snack of ice cream for good behavior and then we read his books from school and he headed off to bed.  I crocheted for a little bit and now I’m going to bed, too.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  38


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