Rainy (?) Sunday

This morning was Sunday School and Church.  As always, I got lots of compliments about Robert’s good behavior after the service.  Mom & Dad, thanks for raising me right so I know how to raise my son right.  đŸ™‚  After church, Robert had to give his usual amount of hugs (LOTS) to our Intern, Krista.  Robert calls her Miss Krista, and corrects me when I only call her Krista.  He’s so cute!  Then we headed out to post for lunch at Burger King, shopping at the PX, a hair cut for Robert at the barber shop at the PX, and then grocery shopping at the commissary.  We didn’t need a whole lot of stuff this week.  Then it was home to put the groceries away and then watch the NASCAR race that we have Tivo’ed and we got laundry folded from who knows when.  I also washed more laundry.  I made meatloaf for dinner and that was good once it finally cooked.  I had a little bit more hamburger than I normally use and it took extra time to cook all the way through.  But I can’t complain – it was free.  Ryan won it at the meat raffle at the Legion a couple of months or so ago and it’s been in the freezer.  After dinner I called Mom & Dad.  Robert got to talk for a while as I had to climb up on his bed to make it – I washed his bedding today.  Once he was tucked into bed, I stitched.  It was a good day.

Oh, about the subject.  It was supposed to rain today.  Something like 80% or 90%.  It drizzled a little bit throughout the day and then finally after dark it started raining.

Today’s high:  60
Current:  44

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