Helping out a friend

I actually woke up about an hour before my alarm went off this morning.  I had a little help from a certain very cute 5-year-old, but I was actually kind of awake before he came in.  We spent the beginning of the morning watching cartoons and doing computer stuff.  Then about 1030, we headed out.  Robert rode with me in RR’s truck and Ryan drove the van.  We stopped at Lowe’s for a tool that Ryan would need and then at the gas station for gas in the van.  While Ryan was getting gas in the van, Robert and I ran inside and got some pop to bring with.  Then we headed out to RR’s place.  They have 36 acres of property!  And what a beautiful area.  The view from the front porch is awesome!!  She has 2 BIG dogs, but they were very well behaved and Robert wasn’t even afraid of them.  She had a brick hearth thing in what was a guest house but she and her husband are using for a gym.  Ryan got all the bricks and stuff removed so that there is a little more room in the gym.  RR fired up her grill and grilled burgers and hot dogs for us for lunch.  We had baked beans with it.  It was all really good.  After we finished eating, we got all the bricks out of the gym  and got the corner cleaned up and then moved her elliptical to where the bricks had been.  Oh, we also got a tour of the property and walked down to the wash and found some neat rocks for Ryan to take to class.  I found one that looks like it could be a fossilized footprint!!  How cool would that be?  We had a great time out there, and Robert enjoyed playing with the dogs and running around.

On our way home, I crocheted on a baby blanket.  We stopped at Best Buy to look at wireless printers and then home for the rest of the day.  We were all still pretty full from lunch, so I didn’t make dinner.  Robert did have some grapes and a grilled cheese sandwich.  We spent the evening playing Wii – I even played some after Robert was in bed.  Then I stitched and we got a little more caught up on Tivo.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  54


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