A hike and a rodeo

Today was an outdoorsy kind of day.  Since today was the first Friday of the month, we had Commander’s PT.  I had obtained permission for Ryan to come along.  We dropped Robert off at Child Time about 0630 and headed out to post for the 0700 formation.  The guys in the band and Ryan get along really well, and they don’t seem to mind when he comes along with unit stuff.  We hiked a trail in the Huachuca Canyon – on post!!  It was quite rocky and probably got up to around 6000 feet.  It was a ton of fun and a great workout!  We could go at our own pace, so some went farther than others.  It took about 2 hours from formation time to back at the band hall time, and we were done for the day by 0930!!  Thanks Chief!  Ryan and I and KC and EV and RR and ME went to breakfast together and that was a lot of fun also.  Then it was home, but just as I was getting home, I had a phone call from MG whose last day in the Army is today.  He had some problems with his final clearing – they said his leave form wasn’t right.  So I called First Sergeant to see what to do and after I got my instructions from him, I headed back out to post to take care of that problem.  Then it was home again.  OH – I drove RR’s truck home since she, at one point, had both her and her husband’s (he’s in Korea right now) truck in town and I’ll be driving her truck out to her place tomorrow.  It was nice driving a stick shift again.

Once home, I did computer stuff for a little bit before heading to Robert’s school.  Today was Guest Reader Day and all the kids wore pj’s & slippers and had blankets and stuffed animals with them.  I was one of their guest readers, and I read The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss.  They were all very well-behaved and most of them had not heard that book before so they really enjoyed it.  I was a little nervous – even with 19 kindergartners.  Robert had picked the book out as it’s one of his favorites.  I stayed until the end of the day and then walked home with Robert.  I started working on my Alumni newsletter for Delta Omicron finally.  Partway through the afternoon I took a break and we went to the framing shop that I’ve found here in town.  They do a lot of needlework stuff, and the lady that was working with me cross stitches some also.  I brought Lady of the Flag to be framed.  Ryan also had something that he wanted framed, so we brought that as well.  They’ll be ready the beginning of April as they are a bit behind right now.  Then it was home to work on the newsletter some more, but right now I’m waiting on some info from other people before I can continue.  We went to the Cochise College Rodeo at the rodeo arena on post this evening.  It was a lot of fun and Robert really enjoyed it.  We had dinner out there – a bit expensive, but it was a fun family evening.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  49

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