Three Days

Tuesday was Brass Quintet rehearsal in the morning and then a farewell luncheon at lunch to say goodbye to MG who is getting out of the Army.  The afternoon was spent in my office working on Admin stuff.  Then it was home to make dinner.  I didn’t go to Community Band rehearsal as I was TIRED.  I was in bed shortly after 9.

Wednesday morning was my first time in front of the band as Drum Major.  It wasn’t too bad, but I definitely have some work to do before my parade debut on 10 April.  I had a lot of good comments from everyone and constructive comments, also.  The rest of the day was spent in my office.  Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse.  Between working way late again and dinner, I didn’t make it to choir practice again. : -(

This morning started with doing Robert’s hair for Crazy Hair Day at school.  It was fun and he loved what I did with it.  I dropped him off at Child Time on my way to post as I had a ceremony with BQ this morning and had to be there early.  The ceremony was nice and short and we were actually done in time for BQ to be at formation.  I ended up spending pretty much my whole day in my office again, but I got a ton of things done.  Of course, my big project that I had planned on doing this afternoon didn’t get done.  That always seems to happen.  My lunch time was shortened a bit as I had an eye appointment at 1245 so I could have an optometrist fill out the form I need to send back to MI to renew my driver license in person without actually being there in person.  That appointment took a lot longer than I had figured it would, so my afternoon got started way late.  But at least that is done and I should have my new driver license in a few weeks.  I do have a temp so that when mine expires on the 14th (my birthday!), I’ll still be good.  After work, I picked Robert up from Child Time and met Ryan at McDonald’s.  After we ate, we headed back to Robert’s school and Ryan headed to the Legion (monthly American Legion Riders meeting).  Robert’s school was having a literacy night tonight and they had lots of activities for the kids.  Robert had a lot of fun, and of course some of his friends from school were there, so he had fun with them, too.  Then we came home and a lady came and got some stuff I had put on Freecycle yesterday.  I washed all the stuff out of Robert’s hair – gel, hair spray, and green coloring, and then we read his books from school and a bedtime story.  Once he was in bed, I crocheted on a baby blanket that I started and hope to have done by next Saturday for a baby shower I’ve been invited to for the wife of one of my coworkers.

Today’s high:  66
Current:   52

Pictures from Robert’s fun days at school.  Tuesday was Crazy Sock Day and today was Crazy Hair Day.  (Click on each picture to see them bigger.)


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