LONG day

This morning started with our quarterly weigh-in.  I’m not where I’d like to be, but I was under the weight the Army allows me to be without having to be taped for body fat, so that was good.  I really need to find my running motivation again.  But I’ve just been so tired all the time lately.  I guess I should probably reschedule the doctor appointment I had to cancel from last week when I had to go to that class.  After the weigh-in, it was home to pack lunches and then Ryan and I both walked Robert to school.  Then I got ready for work and headed back for formation.  Then I spent most of my day in my office again catching up from the 3 days I was done last week.  During lunch I ate and stitched and played on the computer like usual.  After lunch was more admin stuff, and I also made a trip to get a new Post sticker for my van since my old one was super faded.  We had a ceremony this afternoon.  It was a stand-still one and fairly short so that was nice.  Then we were done for the day.  Or not.  One of our Soldiers in BQ is going to a leadership course and he had to have a briefing from the Sergeant Major.  So I had to go with him to that after the ceremony.  Thankfully First Sergeant came, too, and did most of the talking.  I finally got home from work at 1830.  Two hours later than normal.  Ryan cooked dinner tonight, so that was nice not having to worry about that when I got home.  It was good.  Robert did his weekly spelling words and we read his books before bed.  I was so tired, I didn’t even stitch.

Today’s high:  57
Current:  46

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