Day 2 of PPPT EL course

Today was day 2 of the Pregnancy Post-partum Physical Training Exercise Leader course.  Today was much better than yesterday, and it all started from my attitude.  It was much more Lani-like today!  We went through the last few sections in our book and then did some aerobics.  It was fun watching some of the guys in the class – very uncoordinated, but they tried and we all had fun.  Then we broke down into our groups to put together our workout plan.  We had to put 3 days on paper, and then plan one day in detail and actually lead it.  Of course, we took an hour long PT plan and condensed it into 10 minutes.  Each exercise session includes centering (finding the center of balance), strengthening, cardio, flexibility, special pregnancy exercises, and relaxation/stress management and ends with centering again.  I did the cardio and relaxation for our group.  We did aerobics for our cardio.  I didn’t have music and I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, but it got the point across and wasn’t that bad.  The relaxation was awesome.  I did a Google search for "guided relaxation" during lunch and printed out a relaxation script to use.  It went over REALLY well!!  I even had two Soldiers fall asleep and it wasn’t but maybe 5 minutes long.  I had LOTS of comments about it afterward, from both my fellow students and the instructors.  And you know what?  I wasn’t really that nervous while reading it.  Maybe it was because no one was looking at me except the instructors, but I wasn’t looking at them.  After all the groups had gone, we talked about stuff for a little bit more before getting our homework assignment for tonight – our test.  We have a take-home, open-book test.  I headed home and stopped for gas on the way.  Once home I got laundry going and started supper while Ryan went and got Robert from Child Time.  We had chicken cordon bleu for dinner.  After dinner we played for a while and then read the books from school before bed.  I crocheted for a while and started a doily for an upcoming exchange.

Today’s high:  60
Current:  45

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