Playing for the Governor and a Prayer Breakfast

Yesterday the Brass Quintet played in Phoenix for the Arizona Centennial Kick-off and Governor Jan Brewer was there.  That was my first time ever playing for a governor.  We even got to play Honors to her.  For a governor, we play 4 Ruffles & Flourishes and then the Grandioso strain of Stars & Stripes Forever.  It was really cool.  After the ceremony, we headed home.  I stitched in the van during the drive.  When we got back, I did a little bit of work in my admin office before heading home.  Robert sure was excited when I picked him up from Child Time on my way home.  Once home, we needed to go to Walmart for a few things – Robert’s class at school is putting together a care package for a deployed Soldier and we got some stuff for that.  Then we ate dinner at a different Chinese buffet place than we usually go to.  Much bigger selection of food.

This morning started SUPER early.  My alarm went off at 0330 and I got up about 0400 (I’m the queen of the snooze button) and got ready.  I had to be at the Thunder Mountain Activity Center and ready to go by 0530 for the Prayer Breakfast that started at 0600.  We started playing about 0545.  It was EARLY, but we got lots of compliments, including one from our commander – "You guys make it sound like you’re not playing at 6:00 in the morning."  There were scripture readings from the 3 major faith traditions – Christian, Muslim, and Jewish.  And the guest speaker!!  OH MY!!!!  He has quite the story and is an AWESOME speaker.  Dave Roever was severely injured while serving in the Navy in Vietnam.  You can read more about him by clicking this link ——->  Dave Roever Story.  After the prayer breakfast was done, I headed home to pack mine and Robert’s lunches.  I brought Robert’s to his school office and then headed back to work for formation. 

We presented an award to a departing Soldier at formation, and then I pretty much spent the day in my Admin office getting caught up and doing some other work that I needed to do.  SFC H, SSG S, and I had a meeting with First Sergeant at 1500 and shortly after we got started, the fire alarm went off.  So we all headed out to the parking lot across the street for accountability.  Only 3 members of the BQ were there, so I got on the phone to find the other 2.  SFC H (our team leader) had forgotten that he had released them for the day, so they were both at home.  LOL  It was just a false alarm from the construction on the top two floors, but we have to treat it as if it’s real.  We finally finished what we were discussing and I headed home – at 1700.  I picked Robert up on my way again.  We followed Ryan on his bike as his friend R was doing his 5000 mile maintenance on the bike for lots cheaper than the Harley store wanted.  We went back to Walmart to exchange something we bought yesterday as it was broken.  We ate at McDonald’s while we were there.  Yay for Shamrock Shakes!!  Then we went back and got Ryan’s bike and then home to play with Legos and read.  Time for bed now. . .

Today’s high:  63
Current:  48