Final day of the 4-day weekend

We slept in some this morning again and then I got breakfast when I got up.  Pancake dogs for Robert and toast with honey & peanut butter for me.  Robert played Wii and I did e-mail and message boards and stuff.  Ryan left shortly after 1100 for the Legion.  The Legion Riders had a ride today and they went to Tombstone for lunch.  Robert and I went to the park.  He played for about an hour and I crocheted and then he went to the swings and I went and pushed him for a while.  Then we headed home via the grocery store to get more steak for dinner as we were going to have company.  We got home and Robert played Wii more and did various things – folded clothes, straightened up the house some, etc.  Ryan grilled the steaks (New York Strips) for dinner and made baked beans and I made biscuits and put together a salad.  K and B came over and joined us and it was nice meeting B finally after hearing so much about her from K.  We had very good food and great conversation and we sat at the table and talked for like 2 hours.  I did take a break and get Robert to bed.  They eventually left and Ryan and I watched a little bit of TV and I crocheted a bit more.  Off to bed now – back to work tomorrow.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  48

Here’s a video of Robert swinging.

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