Happy Valentine’s Day!

This morning started with Church and Sunday School.  Then we went to lunch at a little place that Ryan’s been to once before with the Legion Riders.  The food was pretty good, and not a bad price.  Then it was to Target to get one more of the things for storage by the entrance.  Now we have cubbies for our shoes and bigger cubbies for Ryan’s school books and our motorcycle helmets and stuff.  I guess I should take a pic of that, too.  I headed out to the back porch to repot the plants we bought yesterday.  And we watched the Daytona 500!  Thank goodness for Tivo as the race started at 1000 this morning here.  We watched all SIX hours of it.  They had 2 red flags which totally stops the race as they had to repair the track.  And then there were a bunch of crashes right at the end.  Crash.  Get stuff cleaned up.  Restart the race.  Crash.  Repeat.  During that time, Ryan and Robert played with Legos.  Robert had a bowl of cereal for dinner.  He took a bath.  I stitched.  I called Mom & Dad.  Robert and I had ice cream.  We read his books.  I stitched more.  And now hopefully I’ll be in bed before 0130 like the past couple of nights.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  48

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