A new bed!!

We slept in a little this morning and then I brought Robert to Child Time.  There was no school for either of the guys and no work for me for the 4-day President’s Day holiday weekend.  But we brought Robert to Child Time so we could execute the surprise.  Ryan and I went to Discount Furniture and bought the bed we’ve been looking at for Robert.  It’s like a bunk bed, but with no bottom bunk.  And it has a dresser built in.  It’s really cool.  I’ll try and get pictures tomorrow.  It took us two trips to get all the boxes home and after the second time to the store, we went to Target to get new sheets and a comforter – all Transformers – for Robert’s bed.  After Target, we went to Peter Piper Pizza for their lunch buffet.  K joined us for lunch, and then after we ate, Ryan went with K to go to a body shop to get an estimate on some damage on her car and I went home to start cleaning Robert’s room.  I also washed his new bedding.  Ryan got home shortly after I started cleaning and he helped.  He got Robert’s old bed disassembled and then we put the new one together.  I got to make his bed – only took me like 20 minutes.  I’m sure not doing that very often.    Then I got his clothes into the built-in dresser and Ryan got all his books back on his bookcase.  We went and got him from Child Time and when he went into his room when he got home, at first he was "What’s that?" and then he realized what it was and was SUPER surprised and excited and had to climb up right away and checked out the underneath area and everything.  Then the guys went and played with Legos and I got ready for my gig with the Desert Swing Big Band.  The gig went really well – we played for a Valentine’s Dinner and Dance.  It was a lot of fun!  And we got a free 4 course dinner (although we didn’t get the 4th course, so I don’t know what was for dessert).  Course 1 – a crab cake (yum!).  Course 2 – salad.  Course 3 – filet mignon and a lobster tail with veggies.  I got home about 2315 and stitched for a little bit as I hadn’t yet today, and I got some more software installed on my computer.  Off to bed now.

Today’s high:  57
Current:  39

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