Final TDY gigs and a new laptop!!

Today was the last day of our TDY.  BQ played at another high school this morning and we were back at our hotel by 0930.  The gig went really well and it was nice having some time before we had to check out.  I got my stuff packed and then played on my computer for a bit before crocheting.  I shut my computer down about 1115 and got it packed and headed down to check out.  When I got to the van, all the other guys were there already, but I wasn’t late.  We headed to Souper Salad for lunch again and then to the school that we were at yesterday and met up with the rest of the band.  We played for the JROTC Principal’s Review Ceremony.  It was a nice short ceremony and it went well.  The band was very much appreciated there.  After the ceremony was done, everyone else in the band went to change.  BQ got in our van and headed home.  We don’t mind driving 3 hours in uniform.  We stopped in Casa Grande for food and gas and were back on the road within 20 minutes.  It was a good drive home and I stitched until about 1/2 hour from home when it got too dark to see.  Ryan got to post to pick me up shortly after we arrived and boy was Robert glad to see me!  After we had my stuff in my van or in my office (some stuff went one place, some went the other), we headed to Best Buy and I got my new laptop computer as our tax refund is in the bank!!  I got another hp Pavilion, a dv6.  I had my old hp for a little over 5 years and it made it through both deployments and 2 moves.  It still works but has gotten slow with all my stuff on it and the ‘a’ key kept coming loose.  And the touch pad died in Iraq.  Once I’m sure I have everything on my new computer, I’ll clean off the files and programs and stuff and let Robert use it to play his games on Playhouse Disney and  We got a few other things while at Best Buy as well.  Once home, I got my suitcase unpacked and started working on getting my new computer set up.  It’s going to take a little while to get things how I like them – and to get used to Windows 7.  But I sure am happy to have a new computer!

Today’s high (Phoenix):  64
Today’s high (Sierra Vista):  51
Current:  39

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