Day 2 of the TDY

I got up this morning and called home and then took a shower and got into uniform.   About 0815 I headed down to breakfast and then we met at 0845 to head to the high school that we were playing at.  We played for about 40 high school band kids and did our usual – opened with a fanfare, and then Washington Post March, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Die Bankelsangelieder, El Capitan, and closed with William Tell.  Between each piece we take turns telling our story – how long we’ve been in the Army, places we’ve been/things we’ve done, why/how we joined, etc.  And then before we close with William Tell, we open it up to questions from the students.  They had a few questions.  And then after we’re done playing, the kids can mingle and ask us stuff one on one.  I had several girls asking me questions – one of them asked the "hair question".  Do you have to cut your hair to join?  I actually talked to the group of girls for about 10 minutes before the bell rang and they had to go to their next class.  Once we were done at the high school, we headed – in the RAIN – to Souper Salad for lunch.  I ate way too much.  Once back to the hotel, I had planned on going down to the treadmill at some point, but I had eaten way too much and wasn’t about to try and run.  So I played on facebook for way too long and then I crocheted.  We met up for dinner at 1730 and went to Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery.  I had some really good nachos and a glass of beer for dinner.  We had lots of fun conversation during dinner, and we continued it in the trumpet players’ room once we got back to the hotel.  BQ is an awesome fun group!!!

Today’s high:  60
Current:  50


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