This morning I dropped Robert off at Child Time on my way to work as I had early formation this morning and Ryan had to be at school by 0745.  After formation, we had drill band and it was a little chilly – maybe about 38 degrees.  Drill band went well and then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal at 0930.  We went through our 6 pieces that we’ll be playing at the schools and then we were done.  I did a little bit of admin work that needed to be done and then I headed home to change and pack.  Ryan gave me a ride back to the band hall so that he could have the van while I’m gone.  We had an uneventful drive to Phoenix.  I stitched for a while and then took about a half hour nap and then stitched some more.  We got checked into our hotel – Towne Place Suites by Marriott.  It is a NICE hotel!!  The rooms have small kitchens in them even – full size fridge/freezer, a dishwasher, and a stove/oven.  Plus a sink and coffee maker and dishes and pots and pans!!  Since I’m the only female in the BQ, I have my own room.  The guys’ rooms are nice also – 2 bedrooms plus the kitchen and a living room area.  After we had relaxed for a while, we met up for dinner and went to a pizza place/sports bar.  We shared a pizza and 4 of the 5 of us had HUGE (25 oz.) beers.  We have a devout Mormon in our group, and he is our self-professed DD.  We all had a great time at dinner – had wings and garlic cheese bread in addition to the pizza.  Then we went to Yogurtland for dessert.  Once back to the hotel, I got caught up on my e-mail and stuff, and now I’m heading to bed.

Current temp in Phoenix:  57

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