Super Bowl Sunday

Ryan’s C-PAP machine works really well.  We BOTH slept really good last night – and too long.  I slept through our alarm and we didn’t make it up for Sunday School or Church.  😦  But I guess we needed the sleep and I actually didn’t feel tired today for a change.  We had breakfast when we finally got up and then just relaxed all day.  I played on my computer.  Robert played Mario Kart.  The guys played with Legos.  We had a picnic dinner on the living room floor – corn dogs and mozzarella sticks – and we watched the Super Bowl.  I’m glad the Saints won!!  I stitched during the game.  At halftime, we had brownies and ice cream for dessert – I tried out my new Perfect Brownie pan.  It works really well, but I baked them a little too long and they came out kind of hard.  Next time I won’t bake them for as long.  I made my weekly phone call home to Mom and Dad during halftime also, but I let Robert call them.  They sure enjoyed that!  Once I was done talking with them  I stitched more.  I made a lot of progress on The Last Supper today.

Today’s high:  53
Current:  40


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