Relaxing Saturday

Robert and I slept in a little this morning.  It was nice getting up when my body said it was time to get up.  Robert and I had breakfast and then just chilled.  He played Mario Kart and I did computer stuff.  He insisted I take a turn playing, so I did.  We raced against each other for a set of 4 races and he kicked my butt.  LOL  And no, I didn’t let him win either.  He beat me fair and square.  I stitched for a while while he played more.  He switched games and played Wii Sports.  Eventually Ryan called to let us know he was ready to be picked up from his event.  On our way to the hotel where it was at, we stopped at the little craft store in town and I got the remaining DMC floss I need for The Last Supper.  It’s like twice as expensive there than it was at Michaels.  We got to the hotel and helped Ryan load all his stuff up in the van and then we went to Applebees for supper.  We had a gift card, so that was nice.  Then it was home to watch the Bud Shootout.  Let the NASCAR season begin!!!  I stitched more and Robert played on his Leapster until it was bedtime and once he was in bed, I continued stitching and got a lot accomplished.

Today’s high:  63
Current:  47


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