Long day at work

It rained today.  ALL day.  So I gave Robert a ride to school this morning.  Poor Ryan had to ride to school on his bike and he got soaked.  We really need to get him some riding leathers.  And of course, I had lots of stuff to bring into work – my lunch and water bottle, my trombone, and my Drum Major mace.  It always seems that the more stuff I have to carry in to work, the harder it’s raining out.  After formation, I headed to my office and had a very productive morning.  I did some housekeeping on the Admin folder in the shared drive – deleted redundant folders and files, deleted folders containing like 2 files dated 2005, rearranged some stuff, renamed some stuff.  It’s a lot neater now, but I’ll probably still work on tweaking it some more.  Then I got my dry erase board updated and redone – that’s my tracking board for who is leaving, status of awards, and status of evaluation reports.  I have one more thing I want to add to the board now that I have more room, but I didn’t get to that today.  I also got a few other things done before lunch.  During lunch I ate and then stitched.  The original plan was to practice drum majoring at lunch, but since it was raining, I didn’t do that.  After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and that went well.  It’s such a fun group!  After rehearsal was done, I went and talked to First Sergeant about a few things and then back to my office to talk with a Soldier with an issue.  I finally left shortly before 1700 and stopped and picked Robert up on my way home.

Once home, we got Ryan and headed to Best Buy to pick up Ryan’s computer – it had contracted some bad computer stuff so he took it to Geek Squad and they made it all better.  We also looked at laptops while we were there – I’ll be getting a new one when we get our tax refund!!!  Once we were done there, we went to Golden Corral for dinner and then home to fold clothes and for Robert to read his books from school and do his homework (reading related).  Once he was in bed, I crocheted.  Yes, it’s Wednesday.  Yes, I have choir practice on Wednesday.  But since I didn’t leave work until way late and we had to take the van to get Ryan’s computer and we had to eat dinner, I didn’t quite make it again.  I’ll be fine on Sunday though – we rehearse several weeks ahead, and our choir director knows that life happens sometimes and people don’t make it to practice.

Today’s high:  46
Current:  45

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