Let the training begin

I got Robert off to school and then finished getting ready for work.  We met at a different building this morning as there was supposedly going to be no power in our building again today.  We spent the morning doing classes on Army subjects.  We got a lot knocked out, so that’s a good thing.  I went home for lunch today and after I ate, I crocheted for a little bit.  Then after lunch we had to do a police call of our clean up area which was followed by drill band.  I didn’t march today.  I got to observe  – the band’s angles and alignment, pivot points on turns, instruments up and down, and marching in general as well as the Drum Major.  After drill band was done, our current Drum Major (who is also my team leader and a friend) began my Drum Major training.  We worked on right and left turns, forward march, mark time, and halt, and a little bit on counter march.  I’m really rusty from when I went to BNCOC 4 years ago, but it will come back.  I just need lots more practice before I’m actually in front of the band for ceremonies and parades.  Once we were done, I was able to do some admin work since there actually was power in the building – at least this afternoon.  Then I headed home, picking Robert up from Child Time on my way.  Ryan wasn’t feeling very well, so I just made spaghettios for me and Robert for dinner.  Then I headed off to Community Band rehearsal.  It went well – lots of fun!  Once home, I finished a crochet project.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  52


2 thoughts on “Let the training begin

    • Not really. I’d much rather hide behind my trombone. But it will be good for me and definitely be good for my evaluation report. And I guess if you think about it, it’s kind of an honor to be chosen to be the Drum Major and lead the band.

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