Day off

I got Robert up and ready for school this morning.  Ryan was already gone for a VA appointment in Tucson.  After I got home from walking Robert to school, I played on my computer.  Later in the morning K came over to do laundry – her apartment complex charges for their washer and dryer.  I was organizing some of my over-dyed floss when she arrived.  Once I was done on the floor, K played Mario Kart and I played on my computer more.  Once her laundry was done, we headed out for a bit – paid my rent, she took me to lunch at the Korean restaurant, and then to the post office for her to get a money order for her rent.  Then it was home.  I got a new stitching project started and worked on that for a while until Ryan got home.  We picked Robert up from Child Time and went to the Burger King on post so he could play at the big play area they have there.  Well, it’s outside and it was kind of chilly so Robert only went down the slide once.  Ryan went with him and found one area that was broken and some trash in.  Ryan told the staff about it and a guy went and looked at it.  We headed home and Robert did his homework (spelling words) and read his books and then he opened the box he got in the mail today – 6 pounds of random Legos I won on eBay.  Then he played Mario Kart until bedtime.  Once he was in bed, I stitched some more.

Oh, why did I have a day off, you ask?  We were given a comp day as there was scheduled to be no power in our building today.

Today’s high:  57
Current:  48

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