Finally Friday!

I got Robert to school this morning and headed to work.  After formation, I went to the barracks with our newest BQ member.  As the assistant team leader, one of my jobs (along with the team leader, but he had something else to take care of so I went by myself) is to make sure our Soldiers are living in decent quarters.  So I went to check out SPC V’s barracks room.  Those are some nice barracks!  Then it was back to the band hall for rehearsal for the rest of the morning.  Then I ate my lunch and stitched – not something I usually do on a Friday.  But we had the NCO Induction Ceremony at 1400 and I had to be there at 1330 since I was an usher.  It wasn’t bad being an usher – we only had 6 special guests to show to their seats and then we just handed out programs to everyone.  The ceremony lasted about an hour and was really nice.  There was cake and punch after – way too much of both.  Then it was back to the office for a bit and to take care of a few evaluation reports.  And then we had to go to Right Army Night – free food, door prizes, Chief & Top bought beer.  Not bad for mandatory fun, but I did have to leave before all the door prizes were done so I gave my ticket to one of my coworkers.  I had to leave so I could get Robert picked up on time.  We headed home and he played Mario Kart for a little bit before we headed over to FS’s house.  Robert was going there for a sleepover with F’s daughter J.  They go to Sunday School together and F is our church organist/choir accompanist/choir director.  Then I headed home and got on my computer for a bit and then I stitched.  I almost finished a project, but I was too tired.  I’ll finish it on Sunday.

Today’s high:  51
Current:  43

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