I ran!!!

This morning after I walked Robert to school, I had a little extra time.  I had a doctor’s appointment at 0930 so I didn’t have to go to formation at 0900.  So I did stuff on my computer after I got a roast going in the crockpot for dinner.  Then I headed to the dermatologist for the follow-up on my mole removals.  The lab results weren’t back yet, but they’ll call me when they get them back.  I got my stitches out and was cleared to run and do pushups and stuff again!!!!  He did put 4 steri-strips over the site to help it heal more, but at least I can run!  Once I was done there, I headed to work and joined Echo Team in their classes already in progress.  We had good training this morning, and it took until lunch.  During lunch, I ate and stitched.  After lunch I did some admin work – sent a couple of evaluation reports up, made some phone calls, etc.  Then I headed to the theatre for rehearsal for the NCO Induction Ceremony.  I’m one of the ushers, and there’s not a whole lot to practice for that, but we had to be there anyway.  At least the 2 of us didn’t have to go every afternoon this week.  And First Sergeant let us go after the first run-through so that was nice.  I headed home and got changed and went for a 4.7 mile run in 53:11, an 11:18 pace.  Not bad for my first post-marathon run and it was a little breezy.  Coming home was a lot easier than going as I was running into the wind.  Ryan got home with Robert just as I was finishing my cool down.  After we got the mail, we headed in and Robert played Mario Kart Wii while I got some cheddar & herb biscuits (Schwan variety) into the oven to go with dinner.  The roast turned out really good, and it sure was nice not having to cook dinner after work.  We had a nice relaxing evening.  Once Robert was in bed, I crocheted.  

Today’s high:  48
Current:  44

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