100th Day of School

Today was Robert’s 100th day of school.  They had their Awards Ceremony for 2nd quarter, and he got perfect attendance again!  After his awards ceremony, I headed to work.  I spent what was left of the morning fighting admin "fires".  Nothing super major, but lots of little things.  For lunch I had a tuna with salsa sandwich along with my usual stuff.  After lunch was more of the same from the morning, a joint counseling session with our new tuba player (since I’m the assistant team leader now, the team leader asked me to be present as well), and chatting with First Sergeant about admin stuff, as well as a few phone calls.  I finally left about 1630 and picked Robert up on my way home.  Ryan made dinner tonight, and that was nice.  We got talking about our days and stuff and lost track of time and I ended up missing choir practice.  😦  I think I’m not feeling good – I was freezing all day at work and since I got home I’ve just been blah.  I’m heading to bed and it’s only 2015.

Today’s high:  55
Current:  48