Home again

We slept in this morning at the hotel and had a leisurely morning checking e-mail, playing, etc.  We got packed up and checked out about 1130 and got on our way home.  We stopped at Waffle House in Tucson for lunch and then home.  I stitched along the way.  It was good to be back home again, and the kitties were glad to see us.  We got the van unloaded and Robert wanted to play the Wii, so we got that up for him and then I went and got a massage at a place that my friend/coworker BR told me about.  It’s only $35 for a 60 minute massage!!!  It wasn’t a clothes-off massage like you get at the higher end spas – all you do is empty your pockets and take your socks and shoes off.  It felt so good!!!  I will definitely be going back there.  I could actually walk normally after the guy was done with me.  I think they are Chinese.  Then it was back home and we finally started watching the Rose Parade on Tivo.  Robert had a bowl of cereal for dinner.  After he was in bed, I stitched a bit more and then Ryan and I had Ramen noodles for dinner.  Off to bed now as tomorrow begins another week at work.

Current temp:  56

If this link works, you will be able to see a video of me crossing the finish line of the marathon. . .


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