Greetings from Phoenix

I was off from work today for the 4-day Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend.  But I was still up early and got Robert’s lunch packed.  He made his own breakfast – a bowl of cereal, to include pouring his own milk.  Then Ryan and I both walked him to school.  Once back home, Ryan headed to post for a doctor’s appointment.  Turns out he has a sinus infection.  While he was gone, I played on my computer for a while and then I crocheted.  Once Ryan got home, we went to the Post Office on the bike and then took the really long way home.  It was a nice ride.  I got stuff packed for the weekend and Ryan loaded and ran the dishwasher.  Then at 1330 we walked to the school to pick Robert up.  After he was home, he got a few toys and books together and Ryan got the van loaded.  Then we headed north to Phoenix with a quick stop at the VA hospital in Tucson for Ryan to get his payment for driving for his sleep study Wednesday.  We’re staying at a Holiday Inn in downtown Phoenix.  It’s pretty nice.  Once we got checked in and settled for a bit, we walked down and found a Peter Piper Pizza for dinner and then we went to CVS Pharmacy for a few things – diapers for Robert, lip stuff for me, Nyquil for Ryan, and then we got 9 individual bowls of cereal for $1 each and a gallon of milk and some spoons.  We got stuff for breakfast for the 3 of us for 3 days for less than $15.  It was either that or do breakfast at the hotel for not free – buffet is $8.50 per person or you can order off the menu for who knows what price.  It was a nice little walk as well.  Then it was back to the hotel for the evening.

Off to bed now.  I get to meet   in the morning!!

Current temp. in Phoenix:  53


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