Chilly Ceremony

This morning was almost chaos, but Ryan got done with his sleep study in Tucson early and he got home in enough time for me to have the van for work and to walk  Robert to school.  The original plan was for K to drive, us to drop Robert off at school right at 0740 when the playground opened and then get out to post and be a little bit late for formation.  But we didn’t need to do that and I was on time to formation.  We had a ceremony this morning and it was about 40 degrees and pretty windy.  That made for a cold ceremony, but at least it was short.  The one speech was only about 30 seconds long.  I wish all speeches could be like that.  Then it was back to the band hall where a good part of the band traded their instruments for stuff to go to the rifle qualification range.  I’m not certified to be a range safety, combat lifesaver, or ammo handler, and I wasn’t qualifying today, so I didn’t have to go out there.  It took me most of the morning to finish warming up from the ceremony and during that time, I did some admin work.  Then it was lunchtime so I ate and then I stitched.  Then after lunch I went up to Garrison to check on some paperwork and then to the PX Pharmacy to pick up a prescription refill.  Then it was back to the band hall and we were pretty much done for the day – and the weekend.  I did a last check of e-mail and stuff and then headed home.  I got laundry started and played on my computer for a little bit before getting Robert from Child Time.  Dinner tonight was grilled cheese.  The guys had grilled ham and cheese, and on mine I had cheese (shredded because I don’t like American and we didn’t have any Swiss or anything), red & green pepper pieces, and mushrooms.  It was really good.  After dinner, Robert played Wii for a while before we read his books from school and got ready for bed.  Once he was in bed, I crocheted.

Today’s high:  55
Current:  43


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