Back to the trombone

It was a typical morning this morning – wake up, pack lunches, make breakfast, get Robert ready for school.  Ryan walked him to school this morning and I did my computer stuff before heading to work.  After formation, I headed to my office for a little bit before heading up to Garrison to bring some paperwork and to pick up others.  Then it was back to my office.  I ate lunch and stitched.  Then the first part of the afternoon I just kind of played on my computer.  Then I decided to get my trombone out and blow the cobwebs out (not literally) of it.  It felt good to be playing again, and I’m bound and determined to improve my playing this year and I was putting a TON of air through the horn today.  About 1445, Chief came in my office and told me to go home.  There were like 3 or 4 people at work and Chief sent the few of us home early.  I played for a little bit longer and then headed out.  I stopped by SHa’s house again and got a desk and some patio furniture.  He had planned on throwing the desk away because it has a cracked leg, but Ryan might be able to use it in the garage.  I brought the patio furniture (a little table and 2 chairs) to K for her apartment.  She liked it.  (Note:  we brought it to her after we picked Robert up from Child Time.)  Once I got home from SHa’s, I got changed and went for a 3 mile run in 31:02, a nice 10:20 pace.  It felt really good to be going faster for a change.  After I got home, we went and got Robert from Child Time.  After we had brought the furniture to K, we came home and I got a shower and Ryan made dinner.  It was really good.  Sometime in there, I got the 2 loads of laundry folded.  After dinner Robert read his books and then after he was tucked into bed, I crocheted.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  40

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