New Soldiers

Back to the weekday schedule this morning.  I got up and got Robert’s lunch packed, and after he was up and ready and had eaten, I walked him to school.  Then I did some computer stuff before heading in to work – with K.  She and our new Brass Quintet tuba player, SPC V, were introduced at formation this morning.  Then after formation, and the newbies’ briefing with First Sergeant, and some paperwork in admin, I brought the two of them up to Garrison to be arrived.  They got their in processing check list and will begin in processing tomorrow morning.  After a little bit of Admin work that needed to be done today for Chief, K and I headed home.  She took me to Applebees for lunch and that was nice.  Then we headed to look at the apartment Ryan and I had looked at last week.  She liked it and began the paperwork process.  By the end of the afternoon, and 2 trips to the post office for money orders, she now has a place to live.  After we got her car unloaded, we went and got her cable/internet started.  Then it was home for a bit, and to get out of uniform, before heading to get Robert from Child Time.  Ryan had taken the van to Tucson for his VA appointment this afternoon, so K drove to get Robert.  Then it was home for a bit and she went to her apartment for a while before coming back for dinner.  Robert played Mario Kart on the Wii while I was making dinner.  Ryan got home just as we were finishing cleaning up (he ate dinner at Waffle House in Tucson) and he played Wii for a little while.  Robert read his books – he’s now got "big boy" books instead of his beginner books!!! – and then got ready for bed.  After he was tucked in, I stitched for a while.

Today’s high:  60
Current:  49

One thought on “New Soldiers

  1. Extra Waffle batter

    If you make more waffle batter than you can eat, cook it up until almost done. After the extra, not quite done, waffles have cooled pack them into baggies and freeze. Now you have your own toaster waffles for those mornings when you want something more than cold cereal but don’t have time to do the waffles from scratch.


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