Final Long Run

This morning I slept in a little bit.  That was nice.  When I got up, I did my computer stuff and we watched cartoons.  Robert had already had breakfast – he got his own cereal and poured his own milk.  I finally remembered to get him a little pouring thing so he can pour his own milk.  Oh, and he didn’t have A bowl of cereal.  He had TWO bowls of cereal.  Ok, so they’re little kid size bowls, but still.  LOL  Once Ryan got home from his American Legion Riders event, I headed out for my last long run before the marathon which is NEXT WEEKEND!!!!  I’m sooo excited about it and meeting my friend   in person finally!  But back to my run. . .  I went 13.01 miles in 2:54:16.  It sure felt good to be back out there after no long runs for several weeks.  Miles 4-7.5 were "fun".  I went from about 4475 feet elevation at mile 4 to about 4725 feet elevation at mile 7.5.  Nothing like a 250 foot elevation change in 3.5 miles.  The whole marathon (26.2 miles) in Phoenix has about a 150 foot elevation change, and that takes place between miles 1 and 12.  LOL  

Once I was back, I got a shower and relaxed for a little bit and watched the guys play Wii Crazy Golf (the new mini golf game we got for Christmas).  Supper was cooking in the crock pot – a turkey breast roast with taters – so I didn’t have to worry about anything other than putting the cheddar biscuits in the oven.  We ate a little early, but we were all hungry, and it was really good.  Robert even had seconds of turkey.  Then we went to Walmart to get  printer ink and light bulbs.  Of course, we ended up getting the wrong light bulbs.  I guess we’ll go back tomorrow and exchange them.  Then it was home for a bath for Robert and we finished getting the guest room ready.  Ryan got the bed in there (an old Army bed, but it looks nice) and I got it made.  I also cleaned Robert’s bathroom, since that’s also the guest bathroom.  After Robert was all clean and tucked in, I stitched for a while.  I *might* have a finish tomorrow!

Today’s high:  57
Current:  43

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