Last Day of Leave

Today was my last day of leave, but Robert was back to school today so I was up early to get him ready, pack his lunch, and walk him to school.  He enjoyed riding his new Spiderman bike to school.  Once he was safely at school, it was back home to begin the day.  I returned the phone call for the guy from the furniture company for him to come look at our furniture so we can finally get money to replace our stuff.  He came about 1030, but before he came, Ryan and I reorganized the garage some so we could get to that furniture.  Then the guy inspected everything.  Now we have to wait more to see what amount of money the company will be paying us.  I got all the laundry folded from over the weekend.  Then I went and had the oil changed on the van and then went and got a manicure and pedicure.  Then it was home to stitch for a little while before going to get Robert from Child Time.  We went for Mexican for dinner tonight.  Then it was home for playing and reading and bedtime and more stitching for me.  Back to work tomorrow. . .

Today’s high:  62
Current:  47


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