Happy Baptism Anniversary to Robert!!

I woke up feeling miserable this morning.  I guess all the sneezing and nose blowing I’ve done over the past few days went to my head.  Major sinus headache and just feeling yucky.  So much for my 20 mile run. . .  I’ll be getting through my marathon in 2 weeks on sheer guts and determination, I think.  It might not be pretty, but I will finish!  I took a nice hot shower hoping it would help some.  The shower felt great, but didn’t really help.  I played on my computer for a while and then I got Robert’s Christmas presents out and ready for a picture, and after that picture was done and Robert’s gifts mostly put away, I took a picture of mine and then got them put away.  All my new kitchen stuff seems happy with their new home in my kitchen!  And then it was time for me to sit again.  Ryan got the laundry started for me and he and Robert started building a lego kit.  Then we went to Target to exchange a reusable bag we had bought but it ripped (the seam) the first time we used it.  We also bought Robert his new bike (Thanks Grandpa!).  Then we went to KFC for a quick early dinner before I headed out to post to watch S & J H’s 2 kids, N and K.  They’ve watched Robert before, and I returned the favor tonight so they could go out to dinner and do a little bit of shopping.  I played games with K (Don’t Break the Ice, Hi-Ho the Cherry-O and Hungry, Hungry Hippos) and I played Wii with N.  It was a pretty fun evening.  Then when I got home, I stitched for a little over an hour.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  42

Here are my Christmas presents, minus my Family one that made me cry happy tears when I opened it.  It was too big to fit with the rest, so I’ll take a separate pic of it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. Sorry you’re feeling ill! Just take it super easy on the marathon and let your body tell you what to do. I’m REALLY looking forward to it. I’m feeling strong and can’t wait to get to the start line!
    See you soon!

    • That’s one thing I’m good at – listening to my body. I *may* be doing the Bataan Death March the end of March with others from the Band. They’ll be in “boots & utes” but I’ll be in running shoes. No way I can do 26.2 miles in boots.

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