Travel Day #3 – Tulsa, OK to Albuquerque, NM

Today was our longest day of travel.  And of course, luck would have it that it was the one with the problem.  We got up and got breakfast at the hotel and then checked out and got on our way.  We stopped for lunch in Shamrock, TX, at McDonald’s.  And then just before Amarillo, our back right tire blew out.  It didn’t just go flat.  It blew out.  Ryan skillfully maneuvered the van to the shoulder and we went to work.  He set out a flare about 50 feet behind the van to warn oncoming cars.  We were just on the start of an overpass on a slight curve.  Not the best place to be, but in our situation, we had no choice.  I called 911 and they sent an officer out to have a little more visibility.  We got the spare out and the car jacked up and Ryan got the tire changed.  While he was working on that, I used the GPS on my phone to locate the nearest Discount Tires and called to find out how late they were open.  We had plenty of time and they were only 11 miles away, so that was nice.  The police officer was really nice and even talked to Robert for a little bit and gave him a "Jr. Police" badge.  Robert thought that was the coolest thing.  So we got to the Discount Tires and they had the same tire that we had put on in Sierra Vista right after we moved here and had the flat, so now my back tires match.  It only took them about half hour or so, and while we waited, we walked a couple of buildings down to a Michaels that was conveniently located.  My baby blanket yarn was on sale, so I bought a blanket’s worth of that, and I got a few other things as well.  The van was ready by the time we got back and we were able to get underway again.  We were only behind about an hour an a half, if that, so it wasn’t too bad.  And luckily, my paycheck had already hit the bank.  We stopped for dinner at Cline’s Corners – it’s a little truck stop/souvenir shop/Subway/little restaurant.  Robert had dino nuggets and Ryan and I both had the soup and salad bar.  It was good food and not anymore expensive than it would have been had we stopped at yet another fast food place.  We finally got to our hotel (Days Inn yet again) in Albuquerque about 8:45-ish.  Robert had already been dozing in the van for about an hour, and he went right to bed in the hotel and was asleep almost right away.  We probably won’t be up until midnight our time, but the new year will start whether we’re awake or not.

Good bye 2009 and WELCOME 2010!!!  HAPY NEW YEAR!!

Current temp in Albuquerque:  25

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