Travel Day #2 – Springfield, IL to Tulsa, OK

This morning we got up and got packed up and went to the hotel lobby for breakfast.  It was better than what we’ve been getting lately.  I was finally able to get online in the hotel lobby, so I checked e-mail and stuff while we ate breakfast.  Then we got checked out and on the road.  We stopped for lunch at Burger King somewhere past Ft. Leonard Wood.  We stopped at an Army Surplus store so Ryan could look around a little bit.  We had seen it on our way north and decided to stop on our way back home.  It snowed until somewhere southwest of St. Louis and then it was just cloudy for a while and then it was raining.  We got to our hotel (another Days Inn) in Tulsa about 1730 and got checked in.  The room is nicer than last night’s – complete with micro-fridge unit – and the internet is way better.  And it’s cheaper than last night.  After some computer/playing time, we walked next door to Denny’s for dinner.  We all had breakfast.  The food was really good and the service was awesome!!  Ryan talked to the manager about our server – he likes to report the good as well as the bad.  Then it was back to the hotel for more playing, bedtime for Robert, and now computer time.  

Current temp in Tulsa:  37