Happy Anniversary to my Sweetie!!!

Today was me and Ryan’s 7th Anniversary!!  I love you Sweetie!!  Once again we slept in – it’s sure going to be hard getting up next week when I have to go back to work.  Shortly after noon, all of us "kids" (me, Ryan, Rick, and Robert) headed out and went to visit our cousins A & C and their kids H and C.  They were getting ready to head out, but we were still able to visit with them for about 15 minutes or so.  On our way home we had to stop for Robert to make yellow snow.  He sure gets a kick out of doing that.  LOL   Once home, I started getting all our stuff packed up – Christmas presents in the big tubs we used to bring the wrapped gifts  up in and I got all our suitcases packed and then Ryan got started loading the van.  Some things will go in in the morning, but it’s mostly loaded.  When Mom got home from work and grocery shopping, we had dinner – chef salads.  They were really good.  Rick gave us our Anniversary present after dinner.  He crocheted us a heart from wool yarn and put a copper wire hanger on it, for the gift of copper & wool for the 7th anniversary.  He’s been getting us the traditional gifts each year, and he thinks of some neat things.  1 – paper – an origami booklet; 2 – cotton – ?? (can’t remember – that was Robert’s first Christmas year); 3 – leather – a leather photo album or book of some kind; 4 – flowers – flowers that he crocheted and are in a really neat vase; 5 – wood – a beautiful wood jewelry/trinket box with family pictures on it; 6 – candy – a box of his homemade candy delivered to our hotel when we were in Minneapolis.  I have a really awesome brother, and everyone else should be jealous.  🙂  We had sauna this evening – my last again for a while.  😦  Robert got his remaining toys put away (some stay here at Gramma & Grampa’s).  And I had my next knitting lesson from mom.  I learned how to purl – so now I can cast on, knit, purl, and bind off.  Next up – patterns.

Today’s high:  28
Current:  12 (with a windchill of -4)

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to my Sweetie!!!

  1. Gift reminder

    Year 2 were cotton placemats (purple I believe.) and it was a leather covered photo album. Guess I’ll have to start thinking about next year.

    — Rick

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