Trombone at Church, Visiting, and Shopping

This morning we left for church at 9 even though the service isn’t until 11.  Mom took us to breakfast at a little cafe in Skandia, the town that the church is in.  They’ve only been open for about 6 weeks, and the building they’re in used to be a gas station.  It was a neat little place with really good food and big portions.  Then we headed to church.  I got my horn out and warmed up as I was playing during the offering.  I played Away in a Manger.  Then I got up in the balcony after Communion (Robert likes sitting in the balcony so he can watch Gramma play the organ) and Mom headed down.  I decided to grab my trombone again and play while Mom was down, and she thought that was nice still having music even though she wasn’t playing.  The funny thing was that I just opened the hymnal to the first Christmas hymn I could play fairly easily on my trombone (I forgot my trombone Christmas book) and it ended up being the last hymn.  But it was ok.  There was a Baptism this morning as well, and the family had brought a cake and stuff for fellowship time after the service.

Then we came home for a while before heading up to Marquette.  I stitched in the car on the way there.  Our first stop was to visit my Great Uncle Leo at the Veterans’ Home.  I haven’t seen him in quite some time and it’s always nice to visit with him.  Ryan, Rick, and Dad took turns staying with Robert in the entryway – kids under 16 weren’t being allowed in.  At least according to the sign on the door, but as we were leaving, we saw a family with several kids, none of whom looked 16.  They may have had special permission or something, but still.  Of course, we probably could have asked about Robert as well.  But Uncle Leo did get to see him has he "walked" (he’s in a wheel chair) us to the door when we were leaving.  Then we went several places shopping to use up coupons before they expired, exchange Christmas gifts, etc.  Then when we were all done shopping, we headed back to town and we went to the UP North Lodge for dinner.  Rick paid for me and Ryan’s meals for an anniversary present and Mom & Dad paid for Robert.  Thank you so much!!!  Then it was home to get Robert to bed (it’s not going to be fun when we get back to Arizona and we go back to 7:30 bedtime) and then I stitched some more.

Today’s high:  28
Current:  27

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