Greetings from El Paso, TX

This morning my guys and I were all up early so they could bring me to the band hall by 0715. We had offered to bring the two drivers to the motor pool to pick up the vans for the trip. I said my goodbyes to the guys there and they left so Ryan could get Robert to school on time. I rode back to the band hall in the van after we got them all signed for and inspected and everything. It took way longer at the motor pool than it should have, so we got back to the band hall late and thus left late. Finally we got the vans loaded and headed out. I’m the alternate driver for Van #3 so I get to sit shotgun. I had my stitching out before we had even left post. So it’s about a 4 hour drive to El Paso, maybe a little more. We stopped THREE times. The first stop was the only original planned stop. Then we stopped about and hour and a half later for potty and snacks AGAIN. Then we stopped in Las Cruces for lunch. LC is only about 45 minutes from El Paso. Why could we have not just gone all the way???? So our 4 hour trip took almost 6. We left a half hour late and got here 2 hours later than planned. Good grief!! But it was a good drive and I got 4 1/2 hours of stitching done!

Once we were all checked in to the hotel (Camino Real, and my roommate is RR), I let my friend DG know I was here and she came and picked me up and we went back to her house. I got changed and went for a 5 mile run while her daughter M did her homework. It was a really nice run on a 1 mile loop around D’s neighborhood. It was actually only .97 mile, so by mile 5, I ended up going past D’s house once more and around the corner a bit to get the full 5 in. It was a fairly flat route, and D’s about 1500 or so feet lower in elevation that when I’m at home. It was an awesome run – and each loop there were more and more Christmas lights on!! After I finished in 54:19, I showered at D’s and then we went to dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant. I had Combo #2 which was a taco, an enchilada, and a chile relleno, along with refried beans and rice. It was REALLY good. Then we made a stop at Target as M needed something for school tomorrow and I bought gloves and an ear warmer band thing since I managed to forget mine. Then we headed back to D’s house and M got ready for bed. I stitched and D worked on Girl Scout stuff and we had a great time chating. About 2130, D’s mom showed up to watch M while D brought me back to the hotel. We ended up talking for almost 1/2 hour more. Now that I’m back to the hotel, I’m off to bed.

Today’s high (El Paso): 58
Current: 42

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