Day off

Today was a comp day for the band. But I was up at my usual time to get Robert ready for school and walk with him. Then once he was at school, I headed to work for a little bit. I had some paperwork to take to the higher-ups and some e-mails to take care of. Then it was back home to enjoy my day off. I played games on my computer, folded yesterday’s laundry, and wrapped all the Christmas presents that we have bought so far. Then just before 1600, I headed out to post again to help JH with crocheting. She was taught a while ago, but then moved here and couldn’t find anyone that crocheted to help her. So I went out today and we spent an hour working on chains, single crochets, and half double crochets. She’s going to work on those over Christmas, and then we’ll get together again after I get back from Michigan. She and I served together at Ft. Jackson, and now she’s out of the Army, but married to one of my friends/coworkers. After I was done there, I headed home and got Ryan and then we went and picked Robert up and went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. We won’t be going back there. Ryan ordered a full rack of ribs (and a full rack of pork ribs is 14-16 ribs) that cost $17. When the ribs came out, there were 8 ribs on the plate. He sent them back – we’re not paying $17 for a HALF rack of ribs. The manager came out and talked to us, and said that a full rack was 8-10 ribs. They did take the ribs off the bill and the manager offered to buy something else for Ryan on the house, but he declined. My chicken was ok, but I’ve had better. Robert ate most of his cheeseburger and soggy fries. So if we want to eat at a steakhouse, we’ll stick to Texas Roadhouse. After we got home, we went and browsed through the Big Lots for a bit and then headed home. Robert wrote a few Christmas present tags and read his books from school before getting ready for bed. My friend DG had called earlier, so after Robert was in bed, I called her back. I’m looking forward to seeing her tomorrow when we go TDY to El Paso!!

Today’s high: 59
Current: 44

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