A Journey of Promises

This morning was our church choir’s cantata. We sang "A Journey of Promises" by Joseph M. Martin at both the 8:00 and 11:00 services. It went well at both services, and Ryan enjoyed it! He and Robert attended the 8:00 service, but he had to leave after the cantata was done but before the end of the service. He was riding with the American Legion Riders in a parade in a neighboring town. After the first service, Robert went to Sunday School and I went home for a cup of tea and to relax for a bit before heading back for the 11:00 service. One of my friends in the choir has her sister visiting and Robert sat with her during the service. He did very well, especially considering he’d been at church all morning. "Grandma Sandy" said he was very well behaved. After the service, we headed to the grocery store for a few things and then home. I made Robert a ham & cheese sandwich for lunch and as he was finishing eating, Ryan got home. I went and took a nap – after rehearsal all day Friday, concert yesterday, and the cantata twice this morning, I was wiped out. The nap felt good – I probably could have just called it a day and slept through until tomorrow morning, but I would have been REALLY hungry and wasted away what was left of my weekend. Ryan grilled steaks for dinner and they were super yummy! Nothing like grilling in the middle of December. Robert got to have a nice long bath and I called home to Mom & Dad and chatted with them for a while. Then I stitched on Lady of the Flag and got some more beads on her.

Today’s high: 60
Current: 51

(not going to happen)

(I’m slowly getting caught up and this WILL happen)

(I’m excited about this and finally getting to meet in person!)

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