Concert day!!!

Today was a pretty long day. I had formation at 8 at the theater on post and we got the truck unloaded and got everything set up. I was on the holiday decorations team, so I got to help decorate the tree. That was kind of fun. Then at 1030 we had our sound check. We were done with that about 1130 – 1/2 hour early! Then we were released until 1430. I went home and helped Ryan with the outside lights a little bit and then I got my Dress Blue uniform set up. I had a tuna/salsa sandwich for lunch – YUM!! I’ve started mixing my tuna with salsa instead of mayo. Tons healthier and tons more flavor! Then we all headed back to post, Robert carrying his elf hat that he wore in the parade last week. The concert went really well, and there were probably at least 300 in attendance. Robert got to be Santa’s helper, hence the elf hat. We had 2 stockings full of candy canes, and Robert carried one and followed Santa and helped him out when Santa time came in the concert. He was a little nervous, but he did a really good job. I was really proud of him while playing Santa Claus is Coming to Town over and over and over. After the concert was over, we got everything torn down and packed back on the trucks. Lots of people commented about Ryan helping (all good). We got the truck unloaded at the band hall and were done. One concert down, one to go (Wednesday in El Paso, TX). After we got home, I got out of uniform and then made dinner. We were all hungry. After Robert was in bed, I stitched for a little bit, and now it’s my turn to go to sleep.

Today’s high: 60
Current: 46

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