Dress rehearsal

Today was a concert band day once I got to work. Members from the band at Ft. Bliss, TX, are joining us for our concert (and we’ll go to Bliss next week to do the concert there) and they were here today. We spent the morning rehearsing a few of the more challenging pieces. I stitched at lunch – and changed t-shirts. Ryan brought me a short sleeved t-shirt (per my request) because I was way too warm in the long sleeved shirt I wore this morning. After lunch we had our dress rehearsal – full run through with narration and everything. It went really well. After rehearsal, we got the truck loaded with all the equipment, and I helped our newest female Soldier get her uniform set up. Then I headed home. Once I was home, I got changed and headed out for a 5.35 mile run. It took me 59:27, an 11:07 pace. It was a nice little after work run and the perfect temp for long sleeved running shirt, my running skirt, and no gloves. I carried my gloves just in case, but I didn’t need them. After I got home and changed, we headed out to get the last few Christmas lights Ryan needs for our yard and we ate dinner at KFC while we were out. Time for bed now – long day tomorrow.

Today’s high: 62
Current: 48


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