Chili & an outdoor ceremony in December

I was up at 0530 and headed to the kitchen. I got chili going in the crock pot and made 3 1/2 dozen jalapeno cornbread muffins. All that went to work with me for lunch – not just for me. For whoever wanted to partake. Then Robert and I had breakfast and I walked him to school. Then I finished getting ready for work and headed to post. I plugged the crock pot in in my office, and boy did my office smell good all morning!! About 1100 I brought the crock pot and the muffins to the day room and it wasn’t long before the chili was all gone. Everyone loved it and the corn bread muffins. Then this afternoon we had a change of command ceremony. I think this was the first time in my career that I marched a change of command ceremony OUTSIDE in the middle of December!! I was actually almost too warm. The ceremony was a lot shorter than we expected because the speeches were a lot shorter than we’ve heard in the past. And then when we got back from the band hall, First Sergeant released us for the day! I did a final check of e-mail and then headed home. I got changed out of uniform and then headed to the dermatologist. Nothing major – just a few moles being removed. Total was the initial visit, and then the moles will actually be removed in January after my marathon. Then it was home and to get Robert from Child Time. Ryan made dinner tonight, and that was nice. After dinner was reading time. Once Robert was in bed, I stitched for a while. Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 64
Current: 45

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