Work, Church, and Dress Rehearsal

This morning Robert and I headed to school a little earlier than usual. We got there just as the playground monitor teacher was coming outside. Robert went to play and I headed inside to talk with his teacher. He’s not been getting good job tickets lately – like 7 days in a row without one. Mrs. C and I talked about Robert’s talking and other stuff that is going on at school. When the bell rang, I walked out with her and gave Robert a hug and talked to him really quick. Then he headed into school and I headed home to finish getting ready for work. After formation, I came home as I forgot my helmet that we were supposed to bring in today. Oops. I’m glad I only live 6 miles away. Once back to work, I spent the morning in my office doing my usual admin stuff – e-mails, phone calls, paperwork. Then I ate my lunch and stitched. The afternoon was spent in concert band rehearsal. After rehearsal was done, it was back to my office to do a last few things before going home for the day. Once home, I got a package ready to mail tomorrow and then we went and picked up Robert from Child Time. He got a good job ticket today!!!! Ryan took him to McDonald’s for dinner when I went to the church for choir practice and Advent Vespers service. Then after the service, the choir had our dress rehearsal for our cantata. I finally got home a little after 2100 and Ryan made me a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I love my Sweetie!!! I’m off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 59
Current: 38