My first staff call

It was a dreary day today and it just got drearier as the day went on. After formation we had concert band all morning and that went mostly well. There were a few spots that people are still having trouble with, and at this point in the game, they shouldn’t be. After rehearsal, I went to the PX to get hairspray and a few other things. And they had the Christmas ornament that we wanted back in stock, so I was happy about that! Then it was back to the band hall to eat my lunch and do some Admin work. I got prepped for Staff Call this afternoon and answered e-mails and made a few phone calls. Then I headed over to the photo lab to get my picture taken for the Equal Opportunity Leader board. The photo tech is really nice. It didn’t take very long and soon I was back at the band hall to go to my first staff call – a meeting with the First Sergeant (and Commander sometimes, but she wasn’t there today) and all the shop heads to discuss issues, upcoming things, in progress things, etc. I’m happy with how my first one went, and I felt really prepared. Once the meeting was done, we headed outside for drill band to get ready for our ceremonies on Thursday. It was WINDY out there, and it was starting to rain a little bit. But we had a good practice. I had a short Admin Team meeting before I released my guys for the day. I did a bit more e-mails and other stuff before going home, via the cleaners to pick up my Class A uniform. Then it was home and I got my ribbon rack set up before going to get Robert from school. We went by the Legion for dinner and Robert wanted to see Daddy. Then it was home to read books and get cleaned up. We snuggled for a while and just talked about school and then he headed off to bed. I got my uniform set up for tomorrow and then stitched for a little bit. Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 57
Current: 48; under a winter storm warning, but it’s mostly going to be above 6000 feet so we probably won’t see any snow

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