We slept in a little this morning. I had planned on getting up and going for a 5 1/2 mile run, but that didn’t happen. At least I got the long run in this week. I got up and Robert got his own breakfast and got mine. Then we headed to the church for Sunday School. After the opening part was done, I headed home for a bit and did my computer stuff. Then it was time to head back to church for choir warm ups and to pick Robert up from Sunday School. Ryan went on a Toy Run with the Harley Owners Group from here – there were over 240 bikers, and he and our friend M got to lead them all since they were they only ones with flags!! How cool is that. After he got home, he said there was a HUGE pile of toys – probably twice as big or more than our Christmas tree. Anyway, back to church. Robert was very well-behaved sitting with the choir, and I got my usualy slew of comments about him after the service. It’s a very small world. The interim pastor that we have used to be a pastor at one of the Lutheran churches in Marquette. And during his sermon today, he mentioned someone that I know. It was kind of neat. (I did know before today that he had served in Marquette, so that part wasn’t a surprise.)

After the service, Robert and I came home for about 15 minutes before heading back out. He had been invited to a birthday party for one of his friends from school. It was at Peter Piper Pizza (kind of like Chuck E. Cheese). So I left him there after chatting with his friend’s (a girl) mom for a bit. I went and did grocery shopping and it was kind of nice shopping by myself for a change. But the checkout line was awful. The family in front of me had 3 girls and they were being rude and obnoxious and mom and dad weren’t doing anything about it until they were almost done checking out. And they had a HEAPING grocery cart full and the checkout guy was taking his sweet time. So I finally get to my turn and I told the cashier that I would bag my own groceries using my own bags. I have the resuable bags and I love them. I had my insulated zip-top bag and 2 regular ones and I got $60 worth of groceries in those 3 bags, minus the box of donuts. Of course, the guy kept trying to help and he was putting stuff in plastic bags and I would just take it out and put it in my bags. I finally got out of there and got home and decided to weigh my heaviest bag. I had 20 pounds of groceries in one bag. Can you do that with plastic bags? I got the groceries put away and then headed back to pick Robert up. They were just starting to open gifts when I got there. After they were done, I went with Robert to cash in his tickets from the games. He had 140 of them and got a little mug and a few little plastic fish.

Once we left the pizza place, we stopped at Jiffy Lube for an oil change on my van. It only took like 10 minutes as there was no one in there. Then we headed home and I got laundry going and we played. Ryan got home soon after, and we decided to go to Denny’s for supper. We were all in the mood for breakfast. The food was good. The service was NOT. There were hardly any people in there, so there was no excuse for the poor service. Refills on coffee should be a given, or at least "Sir, would you care for more coffee?" But no. Ryan had to ask several times for each refill. I think the best part is that they give a 20% military discount, so our bill wasn’t too bad. Of course, our tip reflected the service. And the manager was manning the cash register, so he heard about the lack of service as well. Then it was home to get the living room cleaned up of toys and time for Robert to head to bed. I got 2 hours of stitching done tonight and that was nice. I actually didn’t want to put my stitching down, but I had to because I need to go to bed.

Today’s high: 57
Current: 47

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