Sleep in and a parade

This morning was deemed a "no alarm clocks allowed" morning and it was nice to sleep in until about 0900. We spent the morning watching cartoons and playing on our computers. Then we headed out to continue our quest for battery operated Christmas lights. We found them at Walgreens – the first store we went to! We also got some cute musical hats for Ryan and Robert to wear in the parade. Then we went to K-mart to look for a few things and got some candy for Robert to throw during the parade (which they ended up not being able to use due to an ordinance and they could only hand candy, not throw it so Robert didn’t get to after all). Then we went to Lowe’s to get a few last things for our outdoor display. We also went to lunch at Arby’s in there. Once we got home, Ryan got his bike decorated with all the battery operated lights (6 strings of them). By the time he was done, it was time for the guys to head out to the Harley shop where all the bikes were meeting up and time for me to get into uniform. After I was changed, I headed out to post for formation. Then we headed out to the parade staging area, just outside of post. We had to wait about 1/2 hour before the parade started and it was chilly and breezy. But once we stepped off marching, I was almost too warm – and my Santa hat really kept my head warm. Maybe too warm.

There was a huge turnout for the parade, and lots of cries of "Go Army Band" and other stuff like that. It was really cool! We played Frosty the Snowman and Here Comes Santa Claus. Once we were done marching, we got on the bus and headed back to post. I got my horn put away and headed home. The parade was still going on, so I decided to go to the church and park there and walk the block to the street to watch the parade and see if I could see my guys. But then I heard motorcycles down past where I was. Darn, I just missed them. (When he got home, Ryan said there were close to 100 bikes!) So I headed back home to get the camera and then I walked and got the mail. The guys got home just after I did with the mail, and I took a couple of pics with the bike and the lights. Ryan headed to Applebees to meet up with some of his motorcycle friends and I made Robert 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for dinner. We each had a bowl of ice cream. Then he got ready for bed. I read newspapers for a little bit and stitched for a little bit and did up some Christmas cards.

Today’s high: 59
Current: 47

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