Day off but work, and my LONG run

Today was a day off thanks to our commander. Morning was nice as I didn’t have to pack any lunches today. I walked Robert to school and then came home and played on my computer for a little while. Then I headed into work for a little bit as I had some paperwork that needed to be brought up to Garrison today. I talked with Chief and Top for a little while and took care of what I needed to take care of and then went home. Ryan was ready to go when I got home and he took the van to Tucson for his VA appointments. It was a bit chilly for him to ride his bike. After he left, I got changed into running clothes and headed out for a 15.66 mile run. I decided to take a different route today, and out and back one. So I’m running along and it actually felt easy and I thought "wow, I’m having a really good day today." Then I get to Huachuca City (another small town just north of here) and looked back – and discovered why I was having such a good run. It’s a slight downhill all he way from Sierra Vista to Huachuca City. Sierra Vista elevation – 4623 feet. Huachuca City elevation – 4244 feet. I’ll let you do the math. So I turned around and headed back – at a slight uphilll all the way. I actually did pretty good until about 13.5 miles and then my walk breaks went from every mile and a half to about every 3/4 mile. But I made it home in 3:40:38, a 14:05 pace. Once home, I just relaxed for a while and waited for Ryan to get home. Otherwise I would have had to walk to get Robert from after school activities. I did call my friend JS to see if he’d give me a ride to get Robert, but Ryan texted me and he would be home in time, so I called JS again and told him I didn’t need a ride after all. But it’s nice having friends that live so close in case. After we picked Robert up, we went and brought my Class A uniform to the cleaners and then to the Chinese buffet for dinner. Then we went to Target to look for battery Christmas lights. They didn’t have any, but we got a few other things there. Then we went to Walmart and they didn’t have battery lights either. Tomorrow we’ll be going to the dollar stores and ACE Hardware and wherever else we can think of. All entries in the Holiday Parade tomorrow night are to be lit and Ryan’s riding, so he needs lights for his bike. We finally headed home and got Robert ready for bed and then I stitched for a little bit.

Today’s high: 51
Current: 38


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