Nothing most of the day. . . . Evening tree lighting

I had an earlier morning so I didn’t get to walk Robert to school, but I did pack his lunch and make his breakfast before I left. Brass Quintet had a graduation ceremony to play at this morning. The ceremony went well and then afterwards, I headed back to the band hall. I got changed from my Class A uniform into my ACUs for the rest of the day. I took care of a few e-mails and then I headed up to Garrison to have some paperwork looked at and pick up some other stuff and ask some questions. That took until lunchtime. I headed back to the office and ate my lunch and stitched. After lunch was more sitting my office. About 1430, I headed to Clothing Sales to buy some stuff so I can get my uniform ready for my official photo next week. I had planned on going back to the office, doing a final check of e-mail, and heading home. Nope. When I got back, I had 2 fires to put out – neither were very major, but they just took a little while to take care of. Then I ended up chatting with one of my friends for a while before finally heading home. Once home, I got changed and folded some clothes before heading to get Robert from Child Time. After I picked him up, we headed out to post for the Holiday Lighting Ceremony. They lit the Christmas tree and a Menorah and Santa showed up on a firetruck. Robert thought that was neat. After Santa arrived, we got in line for Robert to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Once again, we get to the front of the line and Robert doesn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap cuz he’s scared of him. But I managed to get him to stand by him and I got a picture. Some year he’ll smile and actually sit on Santa’s lap. But it’s all good!! They had lots of cookies – and that became our dinner. We also had some hot apple cider to drink. The Brass Quintet was playing – but the other trombone player in the BQ did this gig. Then we came home and read his books from school and he headed to bed. I knitted for a while and finished the project I was working on. Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 60
Current: 44

One thought on “Nothing most of the day. . . . Evening tree lighting

  1. So now you are a fire fighter, too. You sure have lots of jobs. The army sure has odd terms for things, I think I know what you really meant.

    And like mother like son. We know someone else who was afraid of Santa, too.


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