Another productive day

This morning after formation we had drill band to get ready for the parade coming up on Saturday. We actually marched in the street and played our songs, and boy were the cars backed up behind us. LOL Usually there isn’t a lot of traffic on our street during the day, but I guess today everyone wanted to drive on that street. It was a good practice and then we headed back inside for some Army training classes. Those took about 20 minutes or so. Then I headed to my office and got lots of stuff done again. I updated the office phone roster (it hadn’t been updated since June). I took care of paperwork and monthly reports. I did e-mails. And then it was lunchtime so I ate and stitched and played on the computer. After lunch we had concert band rehearsal and that went well – lots better than Monday for sure. After rehearsal was done, I headed back to my office to wrap up a few loose ends for the day and then I headed home. Then I went and got Robert from Child Time and we came home for a few minutes. He didn’t even take his jacket off as I had to be at the church at 6 for choir practice. Robert came with me because Ryan was coming home from his appointments in Tucson. Ryan stopped by the church to pick Robert up about 1820 or so and they went to McDonald’s. The choir practice from 6 to about 6:45 and then we went into the church for the Advent Vespers service. That was really nice and then after the service we rehearsed a bit more to get ready for our cantata in a week and a half. Then it was home and I was finally able to get something for dinner. I knitted for a little bit and now I’m getting ready to head to bed.

Today’s high: 60
Current: 45

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