Extra long travel day

We got up this morning – 2 hours after the alarm went off. We kind of overslept. So we headed down to breakfast, but after we saw what they didn’t really have, we headed back to the room and got packed up and checked out. We went and found a Waffle House, but the first one we went to (GPS directions) wasn’t a Waffle House anymore. So we found another one and had a good breakfast there – good foodwise, but not so much service wise. And then we got on the road and headed home. We were still about 50 miles or so from Tucson and the traffic came to a halt. Ok, we crept forward a little at a time. Ryan and I had fun looking at the trash in the median – lots of interesting stuff – covers to coolers, trash cans, and plastic storage bins (think Rubbermaid containers), tons of hubcaps, sneakers, a bunch of clothes & shoes(I think they must have had them not quite secured in a Rubbermaid container on their roof or back of truck and there went the clothes – and the container), an Army PT mat (that Ryan wanted to stop and pick up and I wish we had), bottles of "unknown" liquid, 2 license plates, and lots of other stuff. There was a lot of blowing dust, so that maybe was part of the problem. It took us about an hour to go about 6 miles. By the time we got to Tucson, we had to make a bathroom/snack stop. We finally got back and picked Robert up almost 2 hours later than we had planned – it took us over 4 hours to get back from Phoenix instead of the usual about 3. But I had been texting JB to let him know what was going on, so it was all good. After we picked Robert up, we went to the PX for a little bit and I got some Christmas cards. Then it was home for a little while before heading to Taco Bell for dinner. After we ate, we went to the nearby pet store to get filters for our cat water thing and then to the bookstore just to look. Then it was home for the evening. After Robert was in bed, I finally got caught up on newspapers, and we almost got caught up on Tivo’ed shows. After I finished the newspapers, I knitted for a little bit – I had stitched for 4 hours in the car during the ride from Phoenix.

Current temp: 51 We are under a Winter Storm Watch from tomorrow (Sunday) evening through Monday afternoon above 5000 feet. We’re at 4600 feet, so we may get a few flakes of snow.

Update: I just saw on the news about our traffic problems. There were at least 5 accidents in the area while we were driving through, including one that claimed two lives. It was a pretty bad dust storm.

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