Silence. . . . . . . I keel you!!!

Today was the day Ryan got to find out what his surprise was. But not first thing in the morning. I slept until about 0900 – did NOT sleep good so I didn’t get up for my 5 mile run. Robert and I had Eggos for breakfast and then I did computer stuff for a while. Shortly after 1100, Ryan and I got our laptops packed up and a change of clothes for tomorrow and toiletries, and I helped Robert pack his backpack and we headed out. We stopped at Child Time to get Robert registered for their after school program. While I was taking care of the paperwork with the director, Robert took Daddy to see his classroom (the director said it was ok, and there was no one in there today). Then we went went to the Post Office (be on the lookout, Dad). And then it was off to post to bring Robert to J & M’s where he would be staying. They have 3 kids – 6 year old boy, 3 year old girl, and a 6 month old boy. Robert hit it off with the kids right away and we chatted with J & M for a little while and then we headed out.

After a stop at the shoppette for gas, we headed north. At this point Ryan still didn’t know we were even going to Phoenix. He asked eventually and I told him. So we got here and got checked into the hotel – a really nice one and only $60 for the night!! King sized bed and lots of floor space – a hotel room that you can actually walk around in. LOL We relaxed for a while and then headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. It was only a couple of blocks away, so we walked there. That was some good spaghetti!! We had thought about walking to the U.S. Airways Center a mile and a half away, but then we decided to take the Metro. There was a stop right across from the restaurant, so we went there. That was fun! We only had to go about 4 stops or so, but it was nice.

At this point, Ryan still didn’t know where we were going. Once we got to the arena, he saw it on the marquis sign – Jeff Dunham – and he decided that it was a pretty cool surprise. While we were waiting to get in, we chatted with C & B R. Both of them are in the band – and yes, I knew they were going, so I was kind of looking for them. OH – before we saw them, we were over talking to a police officer. Nothing bad or wrong – just because he of the horseback variety!! He had a very pretty horse. So C & B and us talked until the doors opened and then we walked in together. But we got in the souvenir line and they went to their seats, two sections away from ours. We got some Christmas ornaments of all of Jeff Dunham’s characters (Achmed the Dead Terrorst, Bubba J, Walter, and Peanut), and an Achmed sweatshirt for each of us. The show was AWESOME and Ryan was laughing so hard at some points that I had to tell him to breathe. Those of you who have heard him laugh know what I’m talking about. It started at 8, actually about 8:15, and lasted until probably 10:30 or 10:45, so well worth the money! We headed to the train station and got there just as the train did so we didn’t have to wait. We were back to our hotel by 2300. We were probably back to the hotel before some people had found their cars in the parking garage. We were both hungry since dinner was quite early, so we got a little bit of food from Pizza Hut – ordered online and delivered right to our hotel room.

P.S. – If you don’t understand my subject, it’s one of the things Achmed says.

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