Ceremony & Rehearsal

Typical morning.. . . After formation, I got my trombone out and music ready for a ceremony. Bravo Team (the ceremonial ensemble) was a bit short on personnel this morning due to Soldiers going to a promotion board and other things, so I sat in for them as the only trombone player. We played for an NCO Induction Ceremony. It was a really neat ceremony to induct new (and some not-so-new) NCOs into the Corps of the Noncommissioned Officer. It was almost an hour long, but we were seated indoors, so it wasn’t bad. Once back to the band hall, I did a vehicle inspection for my Soldier and he inspected my vehicle (he’s an NCO, so he can do that) in preparation for the holiday weekend. By then it was lunch time, so I ate and played on the computer and stitched for a little bit. But more importantly, I got our claim for our damaged household goods done – there was a website I had to go to in order to finish the claim. After lunch was another good concert band rehearsal and then we were done for the day. I was finally able to do a little bit of Admin work – not much to do today. Then I headed home. The house sure smelled good when I got home. I had put the makings of chili in the crock pot this morning and after simmering all day, it smelled wonderful!! I made some jalapeno corn bread muffins to go with it and Ryan went and got Robert from school on the bike. Dinner was really really good. Or as Ryan replied to my status message on Facebook. . . "That was some GOOD GOOD AWESOME GREAT CHILI". I think he liked it. Then we played for a while before reading time and then Robert got ready for bed. It was Ryan’s night to tuck him in, so I was able to get to my crocheting a little earlier. I worked on a Christmas present again.

Today’s high: 66
Current: 54

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